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This is the cover for you if you want to buy the “original style” of safety cover, which is still the least expensive and lightest weight option. These covers are perfectly suitable for colder climates without an early season algae bloom, and for those applications where security is the primary concern.
Colors: Green, Blue, Tan, or Gray
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This is the cover for you if you want to virtually eliminate algae growth with 99% sunlight protection. You also get a 100% self-draining cover that is easier to install than a solid safety cover. This is our best-selling cover and gives you the best features of our mesh and solid fabrics. Colors: Green, Blue, Tan, or Gray
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This is the cover for you if you want the benefits of the fine mesh cover and don’t mind investing a little more for the strongest and lightest solid fabric on the market. With the pump option, the cover is 100% watertight and 100% protected from sunlight. Colors: Green, Blue, Tan or Gray.
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APPEARANCE: McEwen Industries Safety Pool Covers have an advantage over waterbag-type covers that leave standing water and unmanageable debris on them. Our covers are self-draining and enhance not only the safety, but also the beauty in each application. Our safety pool covers are custom-fitted for a taut, tailored appearance, allowing your pool to flow seamlessly with your landscape.

MAINTENANCE: In addition to protecting your family, McEwen Safety Pool Covers also protect your pool. Made from tough fabrics, our covers will relieve you from time-consuming off-season cleaning. You will also save on costly seasonal maintenance such as painting and plastering, and you will eliminate the need for messy spring clean ups. Let us help make your life a little easier.
Contact your local dealer and purchase a McEwen Industries Custom Safety Pool Cover today.