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My vinyl liner pool is dirty. Can I drain the pool to make it easier to clean?

As a general rule, once a liner is installed, the pool should never be drained.  You may get away with it in the first few years but after that, the liner starts to lose its elasticity and you run the risk on the liner ripping or tearing when you try to refill the pool. This is the same problem you encounter if the liner has floated and needs to be reseated.  Our advice would be to always clean a pool while still full of water.  Fish out the big debris and then let the filter and the chemicals do their job.  If it’s just dirty, the chlorine will burn up the organic stains, given time.  If you have metallic stains, click here to see our previous post on how to identify and address those.



I had a new liner installed last summer. The liner keeps coming out of the coping track in several places. Why is this happening and how do I stop it?

Thanks for that question and it’s one of the easiest problems to solve.  Typically the problem is with the track and not with the liner.  Plastic coping tracks deteriorate over time and cold weather will make the bead contract and it’s more prone to popping out.  The inexpensive solution is to get the bead back in the track and then use a plastic strip called liner lock to fill the gap between the liner and the track so the bead can’t pop out.  First you need to get the liner bead back into the track.  You can stretch it back into place but you may need to drop the water level a bit or you may need to pour warm water on the bead to loosen it up.  Once it’s back in the track, just push the liner lock into place and you may never have this problem again.



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