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My pool was built 15 years ago and I’ve got the original in-ground pool liner dig drawing the builder left with me. Can I use that drawing to order a new in-ground pool liner?

This is a question we hear every day this time of year and our advice to our dealers is always the same:

If you built the pool, and you know you built it to the spec sheet then yes, go ahead and order a new liner off of the drawing. Otherwise, you don’t know if the pool was built to those specs. You also don’t know if any revisions or modifications were made to the drawing during production. Not taking your own measurements is the easiest way to lose a few thousand dollars.

We also cut liners much fuller today. A liner made years ago may have stretched into place on a hot day even if the liner was not built exactly to the drawing. Install a full-cut liner today using that same drawing and you may have wrinkles.

Our advice is always to use the original drawing for reference only but don’t rely on it. Asking your contractor to measure the entire pool from scratch is the best way to ensure a proper fitting liner.


"Barclay" in-ground liner pattern

“Barclay” in-ground liner pattern

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