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What are the benefits of owning an automatic safety cover?

Savings and safety are the two primary reasons to have an automatic pool cover.

An automatic cover can help save on your annual pool heating bill. It can also prevent up to 93% of water evaporation as well as reducing your chemical bills by half. It will also save you from the cost of having to add water to your pool each month.

Our super strong construction also protects children, pets, and stray animals from accidental intrusion. Our cover can withstand thousands of pounds of direct pressure. Our covers feature a tamper-proof design — once the cover locks into place, it cannot be opened without the key. Our covers meet or exceed safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1349-91.

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Auto Cover 21

How do I select the in-ground liner pattern that’s right for me?

We have made it even easier to find the in-ground swimming pool liner of your dreams. With our new “Select By Design Elements” web page, you can select from different design elements such as water appearance, color of vinyl, floor type, and tile border type. By choosing the elements that appeal to you, you can narrow down the choice of in-ground swimming pool liner patterns that most interest you.

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"Ramsey" in-ground liner pattern

“Ramsey” in-ground liner pattern


How do I decide what size above ground pool I should buy?

Above ground pools range in size from 12′ to 36′ round or 12′ X 24′ to 21′ X 43′ oval. The most common size above ground pool sold is a 24′ round and the second most common is a 27′ round. The best above ground pool for your family is often determined by your budget and space. Be sure to also consider the size of your family, how often the pool will be used and how you want to use it. Note that it is easier to keep the chemistry balanced on a larger pool with low chemical demand than a smaller pool with great chemical demand.

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Highland Above Ground Pool - Castle Bay

Highland Above Ground Pool – Castle Bay



National Water Safety Month

May is National Water Safety Month, and is described in a recent press release from APSP as a designation created by the American Red Cross, The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, the National Recreation and Park Association and the World Waterpark Association. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of how to keep children and adults safe in and around water.

You can find swimming pool safety information on our website under the Swimming Fun tab. Swimming can always be safe and fun if you make a habit of following safe practices in and around your pool. Click here for our water safety section where Charlie can show you the way to pool safety.

2015 water safety month blog



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