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Do I need to hire a professional to install my above ground pool?

You can certainly install your above ground pool yourself. However, there are several advantages to having a professional do the job. A professional above ground pool installer will have the equipment, the crew, and the experience to install your pool quickly and can deal with any unique challenges that may come up. They can also speed you through the process of acquiring permits and build the above ground pool to follow local installation regulations and codes. If you install the pool yourself, it will typically take several days. Barring any weather delays or challenging installation, your pool professional can install your pool in one day in most cases.

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castlebay 2

Highland Above Ground Pool – Castlebay

How do I decide what size above ground pool I should buy?

Above ground pools range in size from 12′ to 36′ round or 12′ X 24′ to 21′ X 43′ oval. The most common size above ground pool sold is a 24′ round and the second most common is a 27′ round. The best above ground pool for your family is often determined by your budget and space. Be sure to also consider the size of your family, how often the pool will be used and how you want to use it. Note that it is easier to keep the chemistry balanced on a larger pool with low chemical demand than a smaller pool with great chemical demand.

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Highland Above Ground Pool - Castle Bay

Highland Above Ground Pool – Castle Bay



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