Can you make a liner for my Polynesian low-hung liner pool?

Yes, we make liners for every brand of pool, but with the Polynesian low-hung pool, you have a unique opportunity.  This pool originally had an acrylic pool wall like a spa and a track at the bottom of the wall so the liner could be “hung” 8 inches from the floor.  Seemed like a great idea at the time.  It’s kind of a hybrid of the acrylic wall/concrete floor pools that are still built today.  You get the beauty and durability of an acrylic wall without the maintenance demands of a concrete floor.

Only problem was, it was often difficult to keep the pool from leaking around the liner bead.  They had a system that used silicone caulk in the bead track and a special 3M brand tape to try and seal it off, but it often proved impossible to stop the leaks.  Today, we still make low-hung style liners, but many people take the opportunity to convert these pools to traditional liners that snap into a track at the top of the wall.

This is definitely a project for an experienced pool contractor.  You add a side mount bead receiver to the top of the wall.  The skimmer and lights usually already have vinyl liner style face plates anyway.  There are a few challenges to converting the returns and perhaps steps to receive a liner, but it’s very doable and suddenly your liner snaps in up top like every other pool out there.  Don’t miss this opportunity.

Behnke Lyons 001

 Behnke Lyons 010


Behnke Lyons 005

* The pool shown was installed by Ebeling Pools in Hutchinson, KS. 

* Pattern shown is Morrison.

4 Responses to Can you make a liner for my Polynesian low-hung liner pool?

  • I do a lot of low hung liners.I put a aluminum liner track around the pool ,every inch 360 degrees.I measure the liner to fit over stairs and over love seats.The return fittings must be broken out of the wall, and hayward or waterway liner flanges installed.You dont need to break concrete for fitting changes in wall.I put silicone on the back of the liner track before screwing track to wall.You might need a concrete driil to put track on because the deck is poured behind wall.You can try short 1 inch stainless screws,but You might have to use blue concrete screws in some cases.I custom make plastic stair stips for skimmer holes to waterproof them.Its is not a job for a new guy.It works well and they stop leaking.I am in Baton Rouge and I do an average of 2 conversions a year.It is easy to replace liner for the next guy if he is lucky enough to get measurement records i leave behind. Brian Mcgowan

  • Thanks for the comment! If you are not going to vinyl-cover the steps and the pool has colored tile running around the top of the perimeter—what do you do with the tile at the step section?

  • It will be covered with the liner.You put the liner track touching the coping without a gap.All you see is the liner with the fake tile pattern of the liner.The track goes all the way around the pool,even over skimmer opening.It is a pro only job in my opinion.I show customers at least 2 jobs done by me so They understand what the pool will need.If Your pool guy is new at the conversion do not hire him. Brian

  • I forgot to say the fiberglass is very thin on pools like this.Stair flange gaskets and strips dont do well.Screws strip out and break rhe fiberglass. It would be a leaking nightmare. The guy who measured the one in the pics above was good at measuring.That is how ours look at the stairs.brian

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