Pool Construction

Is your commercial pool leaking?

Our 60 mil reinforced PVC membrane is the perfect renovation system for any leaking commercial swimming pool. It is also a perfect choice for new construction.

This absolute watertight swimming pool liner is made using our reinforced fabric and can be installed on any surface such as tile, concrete, metal, wood, or plastic. It is welded together on-site creating a water-proof surface protected by our exclusive acrylic coating. This material is weather, rot, and cold resistance. It is also stabilized against UV-rays, free of heavy metals, and contains antimicrobial additives.

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How can I get a deeper shallow end for my in-ground pool?

The standard pool panel is 42″. We also have 48″ panels in both steel and polymer as well as 48″ steps. Our 48″ walls enable you to have a deeper shallow-end and also allow you to create sport pools without coves or multi-levels.

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“Johnston” in-ground liner pattern

What is the best type of construction to use when building an in-ground pool?

So you are going to build a new pool. There are really are only three choices – fiberglass, gunite, or vinyl.

There are many reasons why we think a vinyl liner pool is your best option. First of all,  there is no limit to the size, shape and depth of a vinyl liner pool so you can design any pool you can imagine. The vinyl liner has a soft and smooth feel and is nonabrasive to the touch. There are many choices of colors and patterns available for a vinyl liner pool. You replace the liner every 7 years and it’s like getting a brand new pool every time. Vinyl liner pools are also  the least expensive option to build as well as less costly to maintain.

There is not a bad choice when it comes to choosing a pool for your backyard, we just think vinyl is the best.


McAllen pattern


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