Will the seams be visible when my new vinyl pool liner is installed?

Four years ago, we wrote a post about being able to see liner seams and you can click here to see what we said back then.

Over the past four years, every supplier in the industry has worked to further minimize the appearance of their seams. Some have made adjustments to the traditional welding methods and others have adopted new techniques.

No matter which process is used, every liner has the same number of seams and every seam is visible to some degree. Even those being promoted as “invisible” become noticeable when the pool is illuminated at night or when debris accumulates against the seams.

Our best advice, don’t make your decision based on a welding technology. It’s just not that important. Instead, pick a pattern you love and a local contractor you can trust. Click here to read what’s really important when replacing your pool liner, everything else can just be a distraction.

Logan Pattern
Logan pattern
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