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HighlandTM Spa Features
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Energy Efficiency

All HighlandTM Spas come with our Thermal-Lock cabinets which are designed to be as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, creating the perfect balance between convenience and energy efficiency. Our cabinets provide easy access to the spa components and ensure your spa will only cost pennies a day to operate.

Premium Resin Panels

The exterior panels of our resin cabinet are protected with UV inhibitors that are infused into the material, ensuring your cabinet will not warp or fade in the sun.

Stabilizing and Insulating Foam

On top of the two layers of ZincroniteTM, we apply a thick layer of 2 lb. density foam. This supports the plumbing lines in order to prevent leaks, reduce noise and ensure minimal heat loss.


Reflective Heat Shield

Our heat shield is very similar to a space blanket. It does an outstanding job of reflecting the heat back into the spa. This feature alone provides up to a 25% reduction in energy use and makes our spas ideal for cold weather use. The heat shield also protects the insulating foam from moisture.

Cabinet Insulation

The cabinet of each HighlandTM Spa is backed by a thick layer of foam that provides insulation and dramatically reduces operating noise.


Premium Spa Cover

Heat rises, so having a quality cover on your spa is critical to energy efficiency. HighlandTM Spa Covers can support hundreds of pounds of weight, are incredibly well insulated, have locks to keep little ones out and are made of the best UV protected material and solid foam available on the market.