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Pro Max Solid Winter Cover


When combined with the proper winterizing program, the Pro Max Solid Winter Cover will protect your swimming pool from the wear and tear of freezing winter weather and eliminate costly maintenance and spring cleanup.

Mesh Core:

The interwoven mesh core is the most important component of the fabric. The Pro Max Cover is carbon loaded with a genuine 14 x 14 scrim count and 1.6 oz. weave to create the strongest cover in the industry.

Perimeter Binding & Grommets:

The Pro Max Cover is designed to withstand the brutality of winter without damage. Reinforced binding adds additional strength and durability to help withstand the effects of wind and winter snow loads.

2.0 Mil Coating:

The poly coatings protect the woven core from abrasion and extreme elements. High quality laminated and UV stabilized coatings protect it from intense sunny days in the fall and spring, and subfreezing temps in the winter. Superior life extending UV inhibitors in the coatings are a must.

Heat Welded Seams:

Seams are roll heat-sealed under high pressure. With a 1.5” weld overlap, they won’t give way under the heavy load of wet leaves and heavy winter snow.

20 Year Warranty:

We stand behind the warranty because this cover stands up to the task. 20 year warranty – 3 years full, remaining 17 years prorated. See warranty card for details.


  • Weave: 14 x 14
  • Binding: Above Ground Covers – 1.5” / Inground Covers – 2”
  • Color: Glacier Blue
  • Grommets: Brass
  • Warranty: 20 Yr Limited / 3 Yr Full
  • Overlap: Above Ground Covers – 4’ / Inground Cover – 5’