Your Most Important Decision

It is time to replace your inground swimming pool liner and you have come to the internet in search of information. We’re glad you’re here. You may be asking yourself, what is the most important issue to consider? Is it price? Liner pattern? Length of warranty? Thickness of the inground vinyl liner material? Which pool liner brand to choose?

In reality, it is none of these. Instead, the most important decision is which local swimming pool contractor you are going to hire to measure, install and stand behind the purchase of your new inground vinyl pool liner. Every other decision can just be a distraction.

If you hire someone who misses one measurement, you may spend the next seven years looking at wrinkles. If you let someone who is inexperienced install your pool liner, you may have wrinkles or a pool liner that will fail early on. If you buy from someone out of town or who is not around in a few years, you will have no advocate to make sure your warranty claim is treated fairly in case there is a problem.

It is your local swimming pool industry professional who lives and works in your community that will guarantee your satisfaction. Choose that swimming pool contractor wisely. Nothing else is more important.