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Can I order a solid color liner without a tile border or a print floor?

Can I buy a solid color liner? This question comes up regularly throughout the season. You can buy a solid color, but we would strongly recommend you do not. From a cosmetic standpoint, a solid color liner will show every spec of dirt or debris that a print liner will not. Solid color liners also look very bad after a few years due to uneven fading and aging.

For our print liners, we take a solid base film, spray on ink and then add a protective top-coating. If you order just the solid base film, there’s no ink and therefore there’s no topcoat to protect the vinyl. Scum rings will form and the material fades and dry rots quicker.

If you were hoping to acheive a gunite pool look, a floor print overall would be a better choice as a solid color liner has more the look of an above-ground pool liner.

Our best recommendation is to buy an overall print. A good example is our “Malcolm” pattern that is almost solid blue.



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