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Is a round above ground pool a better deal than an oval above ground pool?

When deciding between a round above ground pool and an oval above ground pool, you will want to consider how large your yard is and how big of a pool you want. Typically, the best value is a round pool because they have less parts and are easier to install. However, oval pools are especially great for narrow yards. A 24 ft round pool and a 15 ft X 30 ft oval hold about the same amount of water (15,000 gallons) but the oval pool will cost more and more require more effort to install.

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Highland Above Ground Pool – Stonehaven

Automatic Safety Cover Replacement Fabrics

Now is the perfect time to replace your automatic safety cover fabric. If you know the original manufacturer, we will know how to design a replacement cover for your system. We offer 9 different, exciting fabric colors to choose from. Our fabrics are made with tough U.V. inhibitors and resist tearing, rotting, and stretching.

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Spotlighting our new liner pattern Livingston

Our exclusive in-ground swimming pool liner Livingston is a popular new pattern for 2015. One of this year’s decorating trends is to combine retro and contemporary influences in one fluid design. Livingston is a great example of this with its mix of an exotic motif and the more modern elliptical design in the background of the tile border. It also features a new blue water reflections floor.

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“Livingston” in-ground liner pattern

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