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Commercial safety covers

Are you waiting too long for your commercial swimming pool safety cover? Let the experts at McEwen Industries help you.

Check out our time lapse video of a McEwen commercial safety cover installation:


Click here for additional information on McEwen commercial safety covers.

Why buy a safety cover?

We have created an innovative new multimedia presentation to answer this question! See Safety Covers in a way like never before. Click the safety cover picture below to get started.

Click here as well for additional information on McEwen safety covers.

Can I install a vinyl liner in my stainless steel wall pool?

Clayton & Lambert made an in-ground swimming pool with stainless steel walls. Instead of using a vinyl liner, the dealer would just pour a concrete floor. It is almost impossible to convert these pools into in-ground vinyl liner pools. You can’t drill into the stainless steel walls to attach a bead receiver and refitting with vinyl liner faceplates and gaskets for the lights, drains, skimmers, and return would be equally difficult.

Rather than converting into a vinyl liner pool, you should just fix any leaks and repaint the floor if needed.


“McAlpine” in-ground liner pattern


Is your commercial pool leaking?

Our 60 mil reinforced PVC membrane is the perfect renovation system for any leaking commercial swimming pool. It is also a perfect choice for new construction.

This absolute watertight swimming pool liner is made using our reinforced fabric and can be installed on any surface such as tile, concrete, metal, wood, or plastic. It is welded together on-site creating a water-proof surface protected by our exclusive acrylic coating. This material is weather, rot, and cold resistance. It is also stabilized against UV-rays, free of heavy metals, and contains antimicrobial additives.

Click here for more information on our 60 mil liners.


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