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Revised Armstrong in-ground swimming pool liner pattern for 2016

This pattern for 2016 is a new take on our popular Armstrong pattern. It is now featured on a light blue water reflections floor. The stone work has added texture and is more true to life. These new colors will flow seamlessly with any style of backyard décor.


New in-ground swimming pool liner pattern for 2016

Another sneak peek at a new liner pattern for 2016! This beautiful pattern is on our blue granite floor, which is new for 2016. The texture and detail of the tile border, along with the complementary shades of blue, will give the swimming pool water a deep blue lagoon look.

new_inground_pool_liner_2016 BLUR GRANITE FLOOT

Another new in-ground swimming pool liner pattern for 2016

We are excited to debut another exclusive liner pattern for 2016. This pattern will interest anyone who gravitates towards the popular water reflections floor. This brand new tile border incorporates stone elements highlighting the architectural details of the design. This new pattern will make a bold statement in any swimming pool.


New liner pattern for 2016

We are debuting a new blue granite floor next year. The tile border is also new and has a beautiful mix of blues with an interesting combination of diamond and serpentine elements in the design.


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