Pool Renovations

Upgrade your pool with a vinyl covered step

Is it time to replace your leaking fiberglass step or deep-end ladder with a vinyl covered step? Adding a new vinyl covered step to your in-ground swimming pool has never been easier and adds to the beauty of your backyard oasis.

Vinyl Covered Steps

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Are there any new patterns for the 2014 season?

We are excited to share our new patterns for 2014. For 2014, we are introducing six new diverse and winning patterns. The six new patterns include three new tile borders and two floors. Four patterns are on the ever-popular water reflections floor. The new patterns are Fraser, Johnston, Alexander, Hamilton, Barclay, and Leslie.

Click here to see our new patterns as well as the complete 2014 in-ground liner collection.

I’m really tempted to buy my in-ground pool liner online — How much trouble can I get into?

There are lots of things that make sense to buy online, but an inground pool liner is not one of them. Our best advice is always to choose a local swimming pool contractor who you can hire to measure, install and stand behind the purchase of your new inground vinyl pool liner. If you choose to go with an internet retailer, you’re often just dealing with a website run from an office somewhere. When it comes to a custom-made in-ground pool liner, they have nothing to offer you but the liner itself. They can’t professionally measure your pool, they can’t install your liner, and when there’s a problem, there’s little they can do for that either. In fact, all they can do is send you a big box of vinyl that may, or may not, fit your pool.




What about those cheap prices? Many of the patterns shown online are closeouts that any local pool professional can also sell to you for a discount. No magic here.

What about measuring and installation? There are details specific to each pool that only a professional with experience will recognize during the measurement process. Also, there are many problems that can arise during the installation process that can prove challenging even for a seasoned professional. Issues can arise with the liner receiver, deteriorated pool panels, rough bottom surfaces, ground water, problems with pulling the light cord, vacuum stretching the liner to fit, among other things.




What happens when a problem comes up? Often these internet retailers will just give you an 800 number for a manufacturer, perhaps in another country, who will explain why it’s your mistake and why your problem is not covered by their warranty.

We strongly suggest that you work with a local pool professional. They are equipped with the proper tools and experience to take on the task of getting your liner replacement done properly. The most important decision of a new liner purchase is which local swimming pool contractor you are going to hire to measure, install, and stand behind the purchase of your new in-ground vinyl pool liner. Nothing else is more important.

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Is the Fall a good time of year to change my in-ground liner?

Is the Fall a good time of year to change my in-ground liner? The answer is – yes, the Fall is a great time to change your liner!

If you choose to replace your liner in the Fall, the key is to pick your day very carefully. It has to be warm outside and the sun also has to be shining. It is the sun beating down on the vinyl on a warm day that loosens it up and allows the material to vacuum into place properly.

For 20 mil liners, we suggest instaling liners on a day no cooler than 60 degrees and for 27 mil liners, we suggest 70 degrees.

If you choose to change your liner in the Fall, your pool will be ready to go on the first day of spring. This prevents any waiting to get on your installer’s schedule or for the weather to break.


What are the options for adding steps to my in-ground swimming pool?

What are the options for adding steps to my in-ground vinyl liner swimming pool? This is a commonly asked question and the perfect time to add a step is when you are replacing the liner. Depending on what you have in mind, you can go with a stock design wedding cake step or something more elaborate like a custom step with side benches. If you have something specifc in mind, it can be designed. The pictures below show some of the step options that are available.

Step Sales Sheet

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