What factors should I consider when buying a spa?

Like shopping for a new car, the best spa for you is the one that fits both your budget and your needs. Some questions to consider are – how many people you want to fit into the spa, how often the spa will be used, the life span of the spa, and the operating costs. You should also research if the motor and pump performance will be sufficient, what is the quality of the structure, and does the spa have insulation and what type of insulation.

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Safety Cover Installation Tip: Follow the Grid

Whether covering a standard rectangle or a more complicated freeform pool, all safety covers are made in a perpendicular grid with straps running across the length and width of the pool.

When installing a freeform safety cover, remember the grid and be sure to keep the straps straight and parallel all the way across the pool from anchor to anchor. Misaligned straps can cause wrinkles, and in some cases tears, in the cover.

A good way to keep the grid perpendicular is to visualize the freeform cover as a rectangle, rather than focusing on the perimeter of the cover (see photo below).

Getting the Most Out of Your Spa During the Winter

It is always a good idea to winterize your pool in order to protect your investment. However, if you own a spa, you might like to use it during the winter months. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your spa during the winter season.

  • Drain, clean, and refill before it gets too cold. By cleaning your spa before the harshest weather arrives, you can avoid having to clean again until you are ready to re-open the pool in the spring.
  • Maintain your temperature. “Boosting” the temperature is costly. It is more efficient to maintain your desired temperature than repeatedly raising and lowering the temperature with each use.
  • Cover the spa. Make sure your spa cover is in good shape and holding heat when the spa is not in use. Consider using a solar blanket on the water’s surface to further prevent heat loss.
  • Bundle up! Consider wearing a hat when it is cold or snowing to keep your exposed head warm outside the spa.

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Vanishing Edge Spillover Spa

It is now easier than ever to add a vanishing edge spillover spa to your pool!

Available in three colors, our spas feature curved steps that lead to a 6 to 8 person seating area with 12 jets.

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How do I replace my bungee-style cover with a safety cover?

When a dealer replaces any existing safety cover, they want to match as many anchors as possible. This will minimize the number of new holes they have to drill into the deck. Please check out our effortless anchor matching service at MatchMyAnchors.com.

It is, however, much more challenging to match your anchors when replacing a bungee-style cover. These non-safety covers were designed to drape down onto the pool’s water for support. For this reason, they are larger than a safety cover will be for the same pool.


Bungee-style cover


This means we cannot use the bungee cover as a template to make a replacement safety cover so your dealer is are going to have to measure anyway. The question is, how do they measure to hit as many anchors as possible? The answer is different for rectangle pools than it is for custom shape pools.


For Rectangles there are two possible solutions:

1- To match most of the existing anchors we can produce a custom cover on 4’ spacing. Your dealer just provides the pool size, the distance between the anchors and the distance from the pool to the anchor  line and we do the rest. The only negative is your dealer will have to measure the anchors and you will pay the price of a custom cover, which will cost you about 50% more than the same size stock cover.

2-  If you would like to save the  cost of a custom cover you can just order a stock cover and take your chances. The 8 corner straps are going to match anyway.  Your new stock cover only needs anchors every five feet or so and the existing bungee anchors are spaced every two feet anyway. This means you have lots of existing anchors to choose from.  We should be able to match at least half of the anchors on the remaining sides. Your dealer will have to drill new holes for new anchors in the remaining locations but you will enjoy a nice price savings.


For Custom Shapes the decision is a little easier:

The custom cover will cost the same whether we attempt to match the anchors or not so we might as well try. If A-B’s are being taken for the pool anyway, your dealer will A-B the anchor heads too and we will design the new safety cover to hit as many anchors as possible. We will not hit every anchor because the existing anchors were not designed on a grid where you have one anchor opposite every other anchor like you have on a safety cover. Instead, on the original bungee cover they just started at some point and sewed straps on every two feet around the perimeter. If there is an anchor in the deck opposite one on the other side, it’s just by chance, not by design. Drilling some new anchors will always be necessary.


McEwen Industries safety cover

McEwen Industries safety cover


Interior drop-in swimming pool steps

Renovate your pool with one of our interior drop-in steps. Adding a new vinyl covered step has never been easier!

Check out these before and after pictures of a McEwen wedding cake step with the Pence liner pattern.


Fun & Fitness Spa

The future is here with our Fun & Fitness spa! This spa is a combination of a swim spa and a large portable spa. It is designed to allow you to work on your exercise routines, such as rowing or swimming, while allowing you to have a 12-13 person seated hot tub at the same time.

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Fine mesh safety cover

Before and after pictures of an installed McEwen Industries gray fine mesh safety cover. Unique installations are our specialty. Buy from the experts you can trust.

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Commercial pool super solid safety cover

Installed pictures of a McEwen Industries commercial super solid cover with a full-length drain. Commercial safety covers are our specialty. Buy from the experts you can trust.

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